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The Smaartest way of turning your home into a smart home, one step at a time. We use the best possible, reasonably priced, wireless smart home devices and help you plan, configure and then work with your electrician to install them.  Whether you are looking to start with one device, one room or a whole house, we help you build your smart home, one step at a time. Taking the stress and frustration of having to know which devices work with each other and which set up is correct for you.

The most cost effective way of having a smart home, and achieving the same amazing effects of a smart home. We can help you with Smart Lighting, Smart Heating, Smart Security (CCTV, alarms etc.) Multi room audio & Home Cinemas.

We can help you with as much or as little as you wish with;

– Planning and Designing a Smart Home

– Supply you Products (Free configuration)

– Advanced Programming

– Support and Maintenance 


It is our mission is to provide our customers the ability to choose how much support they require with bringing “reasonably” priced smart home products into their home. 


We understand that products “DIY” smart home products can become confusing and potentially expensive if not planned properly. 



We understand how confusing and difficult it is to start adding smart home devices to your home. We also understand that not everyone can afford to pay a large amount of money upfront to pay for a smart home. Which is why we take you through the process of preparing for a smart home, advising on products, pre configuring devices, advanced programming and support and maintainence. 

Step 1:
Plan & Design
Step 2:
Choose system & Pre Configure
Step 3:
Send to you
Step 4:
Support & Maintain
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