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The Quick App that automates the lights to come on regardless if motion is detected first or your visitors turn on the lights manually. Saving you money, increasing convenience and not having to tell your guests to stop turning the lights on at the switch. Our carefully created Quickapp has been created to ensure you have full control of when the lights turn on, for how long and what the brightness should be without needing to do any advanced programming;

  • Lights are activated after sensor is breached (e.g, Motion Sensor, Door/Window Sensor)
  • Lights can be configured to activate or not activate during certain times of the day (e.g motion does not activate the lights in the bedroom at night)
  • Easy configuration of which devices should be used in the Quick app (e.g which sensor and which light should be activated)
  • Easy configuration of brightness levels when motion is detected (When motion is detected in the evening then the brightness can be different to when motion is detected at night)
  • Bulk control of a number of lights at once from the QuickApp
  • Lights status are synced with QuickApps interface so you can see whether the light is on or off


What is required?

Any Device that controls lighting;

Recommended Fibaro Dimmer 2 Module or Fibaro Walli Dimmer 

Other: Fibaro Double Switch Module, Fibaro Walli Switch  Fibaro RGBW module

Any breach-able Sensor

Recommended Fibaro Motion Sensor

Other Fibaro Door/Window Sensor

LUX Sensor 

Recommended Fibaro Motion Sensor has LUX sensor built in


What will you receive? 

  • Quick app Support for 12 months, so if anything goes wrong we will ensure it continues to work the same way it did when you purchased it. After the 12 months if anything were to wrong we wil
  • The quick app installed by ourselves through Fibaro Installer app (We would need to be the installer associated with the Home Center)
  • Access to our basic SMAART Fibaro Support package, where you can message us for any Fibaro questions regarding your Fibaro system.




Additional information

Number of Rooms

5 Rooms, 10 Rooms, 15 Rooms