Support & Maintenance


A Smart Home is like a car, 

it needs to be cared for so that it runs properly.

No Passwords

Our Installer status allows us to access your system with only your permission, for a limited time only. Which means we never get your password to access your system.

You keep Full Control

Although we would love to build a long lasting relationship with you, you are tied into using us. We show you how to remove access whenever you want, without needing approval from us.

Prevent issues

We are made aware of potential issues on your system and try our upmost to make sure they are fixed without it affecting you or your system

REmote support

We are able to manage your system remotely, which means we don't have to waste your time, or arrange for a convenient time for you to meet us. You simply give us access and away we go.


Join others with the same goal and passion as you, and start turning your home into a smart home together! 


£ 0
/ Monthly
  • Service Check
  • Monthly Fibaro Health Check
  • General Monitoring of System
  • Remote Hikvision Application Support
  • 5% Product & Programming Discount
  • 1 Month Free Smaarter Package


£ 15
/ Monthly
  • Everything in Smaart Package
  • Monthly Z-Wave Refresh
  • Monthly Error Notification Check
  • Monthly Module Firmware Check
  • Monthly Back-up Creation
  • Configuration of New Cameras
  • Software Updates
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • 10% Product & Programming Discount


£ 29
/ Monthly
  • Everything in Smaarter Package
  • Weekly Z-Wave Refresh
  • Weekly Error Notification Check
  • Weekly Module Firmware Check
  • Weekly Back-up Creation
  • Extended Programming Guarentee
  • Advanced Hikvision Configuration
  • 15% Product & Programming Discount
" I’m very picky with whom I share my system with, however Daniel and his team assured me right away that everything was secure and that certainly was the case. Daniel and his team helped me get my system back up and running and we haven't looked back. I can now say that I have a smart home "
David, Nottingham, UK
Fibaro smart Home user

All You Need To Know

frequently asked questions

Yes, our Smaart Package really is free. You have no obligation to upgrade or pay for anything if you don’t want to.

Our Installer status allows us to request access to your system which you have to approve and is only active for 24 hours. 

When we get access to your system, we can’t see your cameras or we can’t control your smart locks.

When we add your system to our application, we can see the status of your smart home, and the status of your devices, nothing else. We then request further access which we get for only 24 hours, that allows to do more providing we have your permission.

All we need is the serial number of your system along with the registered email address. This only allows us to add your system to ours and nothing else.

If you decide to upgrade, then all you need to do is follow the links above and sign up, you then become that little more “smaarter” 🙂

We provide our services to customers all over the world. Whether you live in the UK, USA, or the Sahara desert. Providing you have internet and a compatible system then we can help you. 

Officially we support any customers who have a Fibaro smart home, or a Hikvision camera system. However we try and assist with all 3rd party integrations as well where possible.

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