A smart home without the need to worry about wasting your time and money on paying for call outs or watching YouTube videos

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Support Package Pricing
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Our Support package has been created to remove the frustration and wasted time in owning a smart home. Meaning your home runs seamlessly
(Per Month)
  • On Screen Assistance

    Benefit from real-time, on-screen support sessions where our experts can guide you through troubleshooting or optimising your Fibaro devices.
  • Scene Creations

    The creation or amendment of 5 New scenes (Per Month)
  • Email & Chat Support

    Enjoy priority support via email and chat, ensuring faster response times for your inquiries and assistance needs.
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Benefit from ongoing proactive monitoring of your smart home system. Identify and resolve potential issues before they impact your devices' performance.
  • Individual Device Check

    We will check each device to ensure it's working properly and fix any errors that might occur. This could include calibration or reconfiguration of devices. 
  • Ongoing System Optimisation

    Including energy efficiency optimisation to reduce the amount of money wasted on energy bills.


We offer hourly support for those who do not have a monthly support package with us. Paying hourly can be beneficial for some 
  • Ad Hoc Support

    Do you have an issue that needs fixing? With our hourly support we can help you as a one off and ensure your system returns to working order.
  • Remote Problem Fixing

    The creation or amendment of 5 New scenes


About the Course


Save money on expensive call outs

8/10 times, we avoid customers needing to pay for a call out by electrician

Save time troubleshooting

We remove the need for you to waste hours on YouTube by fixing issues for you

Grow and optimise your smart home

We  optimise your smart home to ensure you make the most of new updates 

Peace of mind
built in.

Stop worrying and thinking "What if my smart home stops working" We are here!
Support package


From support to ensuring your smart home lives up to the full potential, we are there to save you money and time whilst not compromising your security
Unit 1

On Screen Assistance

  • Whenver you have an issue we will provide you with on screen support. Although to save you time and conveniece we will send you an access request to your Home Center. 
  • We also have the option of being able to fix your smart home by sending an access request. Which means you dont have to be at home and waste time. 
Unit 2

Scene Creation

  • We will create or ammend upto 5 new scenes for you 
  • We can also change any configurations on your system, this could include device settings 
Unit 3

Email & Chat Support

  • You will have access to our email and chat support , which will allow you to contact us everytime you have a question or need something changing. 
Unit 4

System Monitoring

  • Without providing any password, we can remotely check on your system to ensure its working perfectly. 
  • We can also create backups and fix any issues remotely. 
Unit 5

Ongoing System Optimisation

  • Having a smart home that works is one thing. But regularly updating it to ensure its working to its full potential is another. We will inform you of new features and ensure you are getting the most out of your smart home.